About Capella Program

Capella High School is opening in August at 5130 Warrensville Center Road in Maple Heights, Ohio.

Classes begin on September 14, 2015.

The program is designed for students AGES 16 up to 21 to complete high school and get their Diploma and/or complete OGT testing. The program is a quick way to get your diploma and move on to other goals you have set for your life.

You will meet positive people who want to see you succeed and complete high school once and for all!

Our staff are highly qualified and are there to help you in a peaceful and fun environment-Capella has alot of fun projects to keep you engaged.

Capella has 2 Session that are 4.5 hour sessions. You can choose either one:

1) 7:30-12:00 (7:30-8:00-Breakfast)

2) 12:00-4:30 (12:00-12:30-Lunch)

You may choose either session and if the session attended properly , it is designed to equal one full school year. For example, if you need to complete 12th grade and you attend the morning Session from September until June, you will have completed one full grade! Also, if you have credits from another high school we will determine where you left off and go from there with your coursework.

OGT’s: If you are enrolling only because you need to take an OGT- don’t worry, we have you covered!

You will take a course to bring you up to speed and you will then be scheduled to take the OGT.

There are several ways to get started:

1) You may print the application from this website

2) You can pick up an application at 4265 Northfield Rd at the Green Inspiration Academy-(this is our temporary site until construction is complete at the new school).

3) You then need to make an appointment to drop off the application and complete enrollment by calling the number listed on the website (216) 706-985 or contact Staff at any of these numbers:

Office Secretary (216) 378-9573 or April Hart (216) 965-1284; Sonya Hill (216) 559-0568 or Alex Kolb at (813) 418-9729. We will get you enrolled with little headache!


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